And Embrace Change

Jose using natural pigments and ocean water to paint


There comes a moment in time when our children spread their wings. That moment is bittersweet, both for them and their families. Jose strives to embrace her new reality…


Today she chooses her own colors and begins to paint her picture. The outcome is yet to be seen, a process which we call life. Every action is a courageous step in the direction towards independence and adulthood…


Jose knows that her attitude towards life is affected by her ability to navigate the coming obstacles. She has some influence on what direction she will take, but like the canvas floating in the water, she cannot control every outcome. Instead of allowing herself to be dragged through life, she must influence the changes that inevitably will be an integral part of all our lives. Like with this painting process, Jose chooses to face this new stage with determination and a positive attitude.


Mixing the natural earth pigments and egg tempera

Painting with Nature

Art is a great contribution to the world: it inspires us and improves us. However, sometimes the process of making art can end up hurting more than it helps. By choosing grounds, supports, and media made entirely or partially from recycled materials, or less toxic materials, artists can make environmentally friendly art without sacrificing the quality of the work. Recycled materials reduce the waste being created and limit the natural resources being destroyed.

I am working on a series of paintings using organic earth pigments, the natural flow of water and egg tempera. Egg Tempera painting is unique in its characteristics producing crisp, luminous effects that differ from oil. Using egg yolk as the binder is an ancient technique that produces a water-soluble paint.  It is a very permanent technique, but much less toxic than synthetic materials.

We only only have one planet, and while art helps to beautify it, we all can help protect it at the same time by using elements or materials that do less damage.

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