And Broaden Your Horizons

Kathy hand painting.jpg

Kathy paints, inspired by the horizon, and uses all that is available.

She writes, “ Andrea explained her process to me and I launched in. It wasn’t hard for me to see what I wanted to represent, the horizon was in front of me. I was able to enjoy this child-like experience of finger painting on a large scale, but struggled to accept that things will be imperfect, off-center or out of balance. Andrea’s process doesn’t result in perfect, it just is.”

Kathy really dug into the work, but struggled to accept that things are fine in their imperfections. However, even though she is, like us all, struggling with the imperfections of life, she is coming to see that there are always new horizons. Her message and the title of the piece is, and broaden your horizons.

“At the end of the day there is a sunset on the horizon. The day may have been perfect or not. The next day there will be a sunrise on the horizon and the day may be perfect or not.” Kathy E.

kathy E painting.jpg