Art Heals


Trauma and suffering. Spirituality and healing. Hope and peace. These are words that come to mind when I paint. My burn branded my body, my art and my soul. My scars will last forever, but they have fueled my creativity with a new purpose. Heal others while making something beautiful.

Currently, my work is a collaboration of ocean currents, natural non-toxic materials and healing through human collaboration. I invite individuals who have experienced their own form of pain and trauma to participate in the creative process. Some have endured; others are in the midst of struggle and self-doubt. Together, we take one huge canvas to an open ocean, and apply the pigments, allowing the currents to paint the background while we manipulate the canvas. As it rests on the sand and rocks to dry in the salty breeze, we drip and splash the colors, guided by wind and gravity, until we agree that the canvas is ready. We experience the surrendering of control to not only the forces of nature, but to each other. This is where true healing begins, in the act of letting go. The canvas is then transported to my studio where I study the lines and shadows created, incorporating them into an integral part of each composition. My work is no longer about me but about a magical process that combines nature and human energy using sustainable materials. The end result is always unknown, but always speaks for itself, inspiring by the simple act of letting go, turning hardship and trauma into a positive message to be shared by all who are willing to listen.